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[ 18 May 2013 | No Comment ]

There are a number of packages that help you set up an online shop. These packages usually include a shop front, a shopping cart system, and some also include hosting. Most can integrate with payment gateways such as Paypal, Nochex and Protx. Prices vary enormously, so check out the different features you get. Oscommerce is ‘open source’, which means it is free. Some systems have more flexibility, and a basic system may not serve your business if it grows. You may need to pay more for …

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[ 13 May 2013 | No Comment ]
Online Business: Creating Your Own Website

If you want to create your own website, it is useful to know something about HTML (hyper text markup language). This is the language websites are written in.  Depending on your interests and skills you can create a site entirely in HTML, or use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor which shows you what the page will look like, rather than the code which is behind it. This sort of programme makes it easier for novice to create their own site.
Look at free editor NVU, …

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[ 9 May 2013 | No Comment ]

Have a think about whether you want to design the site yourself, or get a professional to do it for you. Do you have the time and skills to do it yourself? There are lots of resources to help you online, and you can read below about how some business owners have learnt to create and manage their own sites. If you want to find a designer, there are lots of business directories online or why not contact Sunnyside Web Design for a no obligation quote.

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[ 6 May 2013 | No Comment ]

You also want to develop a ‘look’ for your online business. To start with, do a little research on the Internet. Look at other websites and see what appeals to you. Which sites do you feel confidence in, and which would you not want to buy from? Look at business logos, and the different colours and styles used on various websites. This will help you develop the way your online store will look.
A logo will help customers recognise your business. You can use it on your website and business stationery. …

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[ 3 May 2013 | No Comment ]
Online business: Picking a name

It is important to decide on a name for your business. When you have a few ideas, check with Companies House that there are no other companies with the same name operating in the same line of business. Visit Nominet online to ensure that the name you are after is available as a domain name. It is a bad idea to start a business without having registered the domain name. You may find someone else snaps up the name you want and you risk having to pay over the odds …

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[ 30 Apr 2013 | No Comment ]

Nowadays it is relatively straightforward to get your own website, with a shopping cart to allow people to purchase from you. While many people just stick with selling on eBay, your own site can give you far more options, and people may perceive your operation as more professional. This section tells you how to go about setting up your own website, and how some others have done it. Come back or follow our blog over the coming days for lots of advice.

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[ 18 Feb 2013 | No Comment ]
What to do when the internet goes down.

It happens to us all – you can’t get a connection, and everything you have planned has to be postponed. There are several good ways to work round a lack of internet connection, though.
Here are some ideas for working round lack of internet access:
Rearrange your work: make calls instead of sending emails, for example.
Work on projects that don’t need the net: it could be time to do some writing, perhaps.
Catch up on reading, or take time to plan.
And here are some ideas if you NEED to …

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[ 7 Feb 2013 | No Comment ]

Do you back up your work? I’ve been a back-up fanatic for several years now. Because of what I do, my life is stored on my laptop. I have the usual family photos and videos, and since I have had a smart phone I have been taking lots more. I also have all sorts of work files on my computer. If you have ever lost the content of a post you were making on Facebook, or accidentally deleted an email and had to rewrite it, it can be stressful. Can …

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[ 18 Jan 2013 | No Comment ]
What is ‘the cloud’?

Have you heard about the cloud? If you’re confused by cloud computing, here is a quick explanation, some of my experiences and some resources to help.
If you’ve ever uploaded a document to share with someone else over GoogleDocs, or read a file via Dropbox, you’ve started to use cloud computing. According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is when “shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a metered service over a network (typically the Internet).” It is ideal if you work from home and want to share documents with others, and if you run a …

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[ 15 Jan 2013 | No Comment ]
Working smarter

What are your New Year resolutions? If you want to work smarter, this month’s articles are all about making the most of your time online, and avoiding crises!
1. Make the most of your smart phone. Phones are getting better and better, so upload so work-related apps as well as games. Use your phone to manage emails when out of the office, and to access documents via GoogleDrive, DropBox or similar services. It will save you time.
2. Share work with GoogleDrive. Upload documents and you can access them from anywhere with an …